This manifesto captures our community values—which we put into practice in our content, weekly calls, and in-person events

Presence is the priority

We believe that we are better fathers and partners when we are healthy, patient, and present.

Health is a system

Our relationships, our environment, even the work we do can have an impact on our health. A systems-level perspective makes us more capable of eliminating barriers to progress—and to presence.

Big change requires big change
When we commit to major changes in our life, we commit to developing the skills, habits, and discipline required to make the shift.

We’re here to support the next generation of humans

Our kids will, one day, be running the show. So we have a duty and responsibility to raise kids who can think critically, regulate themselves emotionally, and thrive in whatever environments the future will bring.

We lead by example

We demonstrate our values through action.

Real community requires give and take

There are days that you need extra support. There are days where you provide it. A healthy community supports both states.

High standards are tempered with with support, curiosity, and compassion

This community is designed to hold you to the highest standard you're capable of delivering on. These standards are calibrated with time, experience, and care.

We tolerate everything but intolerance

If you identify as a dad, you are welcome. We are inclusive. We are open. We have space for everything except hate or intolerance.

We are non-reactive

We are defined by our beliefs and actions, not what we oppose. Where emotions get the best of us, we step back until we can proceed with equanimity.

We share experiences, not answers

During discussions, it can be tempting to give prescriptive advice. However, the magic is in the figuring it out. In these situations, our role is to make sure our peers have the tools—and the space—to figure things out.

We lead with vulnerability and honesty
We challenge ourselves to be open and to push our own boundaries of comfort—so that others feel welcome to do the same.

We keep things private and safe

Your privacy is essential. We don't record our sessions or share any personal information.

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