This manifesto captures our community values—which we put into practice in our newsletter, weekly calls, and retreats.

Presence is the priority

We believe that we are better fathers and partners when we are healthy, patient, and present.

Health is a system

Our relationships, our environment, even the work we do can have an impact on our health. A systems-level perspective makes us more capable of eliminating barriers to progress — and to presence.

Toughness is a paradox

To be able to do very hard things in the long-term, we need to be responsive to signals of fatigue and overload in the present. We are tuned into our bodies and emotions so we most clearly understand when to push and when to rest.

We take care of ourselves so that we can take care of the people in our lives

We aspire to raise kids who can think critically, regulate themselves emotionally, and have the skills learn and thrive independently. To this end, we lead by example — modelling the same key behaviours we wish to see in our kids.

We share wisdom

The insight, perspective, and wisdom shared within our calls isn't designed to be walled away but shared externally as an act of love and support for fathers everywhere.

We are strengths-focused

By focusing on strengths, we seek to discover and amplify the unique abilities of each community member and their greatest opportunities for positive impact. This keeps us energized, action-oriented, and most capable of continued progress.

Real community requires give and take

There are days that you need extra support. There are days where you provide it. A healthy community supports both states.

We are inclusive

If you identify as a dad, you are welcome.

We're intentional

We are defined by what we're for, not by what we're against. When emotions get the best of us, we step back until we can proceed calmly and kindly.

We share experiences, not answers

During discussions, it can be tempting to give prescriptive advice. However, the magic is in the figuring it out. In these situations, our role is to make sure our peers have the tools—and the space—to figure things out.

We go first

If it were easy, we wouldn't call it feeling vulnerable. Yet we know that honesty and transparency are required for growth. So, we challenge ourselves push our own boundaries—so that others feel welcome to do the same.

High standards are an act of love

This community will never ask you to do something you can't do but will frequently hold you accountable of what you're capable of. These standards are calibrated with time, experience, and care.

We keep things private and safe

Your privacy is essential. We don't record our sessions or share any personal information.

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