Dad Strength is all about taking care of yourself—so that you can be present for the people in your life

Take a systems-based approach to health. Discover how to apply the art and science of behaviour design to your own life. And learn how to earn the mug that says World's Greatest Dad.

Level-up your health, do work that matters, and be the kind of parent you truly want to be.

Motivation is just one piece of the puzzle. Learn how to build reliable systems for focus, presence, and growth. Master the physiology of performance. And earn the mug that says World's Greatest Dad

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About me
My name is Geoff Girvitz. I'm the founder of Bang Personal Training and the host of The Dad Strength Podcast. I know a thing or two about human movement and behaviour design.

Dad Strength was created out of my own desire to be a better father. And to be part of a community of people who want to do the same.

"Geoff keeps it real — real world advice for real people, living real messy lives, looking for real results."  

—Dr Krista Scott-Dixon
Director of Curriculum Development:
Precision Nutrition

"Geoff's knowledge and expertise is truly impressive."  

—Dr Steven Rhee
Director of Emergency Medicine:
St Joseph's Hospital (Toronto)