Want to be a great dad, tuned-in partner, and feel more at peace?


Dad Strength Group provides coaching and content to help you take better care of yourself—so that you can be present for the people in your life.

Connect with like-minded dads who share your values and have real conversations about the stuff that matters.

You carry a lot. But you don’t have to carry it alone.

Fatherhood can make you feel like a pack mule—loaded up and trudging along. From time to time, though, you’ve got to set that load down. Talking through things helps.

Listening to others—sharing, supporting and being supported—is part of the total package of health. Wouldn't it be nice to just skip the small-talk and get to the real stuff?

Your attention matters.

Positive change isn't just about discipline. That's an old narrative—and it misses the mark. You've got to take care of yourself, man.

Self-care shouldn't just be something you tell other people to do. If health is truly a value, then words aren't enough; you've got to walk that walk.

Becoming healthy enough across all domains is simpler than you think—and it's the only way to really give yourself a fair shake.


Group Coaching Monthly Membership

Meaningful weekly conversations to lighten your load.

Support—and be supported by—a group of meaning-driven dads. It's like having your own executive council.

We'll tackle topics that are important to you—in an environment that supports who you are and how you want to be.

You'll receive bonus material on levelling up health and fitness.

  • Weekly 60-minute group coaching
  • Course: 360º Health
  • 1-1 coaching
  • Live Workshops

Sliding scale

Quarterly Membership

Group AND 1-1 coaching to help you put it all together.

This 3-month package includes everything in our weekly group coaching and a bonus 1-1 session with Geoff to help you accelerate progress.

  • Weekly 60-minute group coaching
  • Course: 360º Health
  • Bonus 1-1 coaching session
  • Early, discounted access to live workshops


Sliding scale

1-1 Coaching

Hit the ground running with a bespoke program

Let's be real: if you have limited time and bandwidth, you may need to jump right into personalized support in order to get things done.

I'll speak with you to get an understanding of your situation and priorities and collaborate with you to fast-track positive change.

  • Fully custom build-out


Contact for more details

Hi, I’m Geoff Girvitz

I’m the host of The Dad Strength Podcast and the founder of Bang Personal Training. And, of course, a dad. My coaching career has been shaped by the practical side of motivation and behaviour change. I don’t sweat perfection; I’m interested in what’s going to work for you right now—and in the long-term. 

I began building Dad Strength because I wanted to be a good dad and partner. Important stuff—but not always easy.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to connect with a lot of other purpose-driven dads who feel the same way. We all want to raise healthy, happy kids who are able to thrive in—and contribute to—whatever world they inherit. A parent's role is essential. And dads could use some more support.

Dad Strength's approach to coaching includes access to an awesome, purpose-driven community. You get peer support, strength-based frameworks, and 1-1 coaching. You show up. You do the work. And we all agree to keep the vibes strictly positive. 

"Geoff keeps it real — real world advice for real people, living real messy lives, looking for real results."  

—Dr Krista Scott-Dixon
Director of Curriculum Development:
Precision Nutrition

"Geoff's knowledge and expertise is truly impressive."  

—Dr Steven Rhee
Director of Emergency Medicine:
St Joseph's Hospital (Toronto)

" like Mr. Miyagi if Mr. Miyagi were written by Wes Anderson"

—Graham Isador


I’m not sure if the scheduling will work for me.

No need to get ahead of ourselves. Let's begin with a free consultation to see if we’re a fit for each other—and if schedules align. 

I have ADHD. Will this help?

The Dad Strength community has a special love for men with ADHD. It’s time to stop playing catch-up and time to start leveraging your superpowers. Let’s get into it!

Is this therapy?

A: It’s not therapy—but damn if it doesn't feel therapeutic.

Important: if you’re in crisis, please reach out to a mental health professional. 

Is 1-1 coaching required?

You have options for group coaching, 1-1, or a combination of both.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

A: It’s important that it does. That’s why you’ve got 14 days to cancel your plan and get a full refund. 

How does sliding scale pricing work?

A: It just means that we'll find a rate that works for you—whoever you are. You'll also have the option of supporting access for others.