Weekly group discussions on health, parenting, and doing work that matters.


Weekly group discussions on health, parenting, and doing work that matters.

Be present for the people who are important to you.

Our weekly calls help you skip the small-talk and get to the real stuff. We talk about health, parenting, partnering, and doing work that matters.

Other dads share their own in-the-trenches wisdom. You share your own. And that's how you earn the mug that says World's Greatest Dad

Take care of yourself, man

Brain and body work together. When you are healthy enough, you eliminate barriers to presence. And presence is what the people in your life need most from you.

Becoming healthy enough across all domains is accessible to just about anyone. It's also the only way to really give yourself a fair shake. You can do this alone but you'll go farther with us.

Things for You


Ideas to keep you healthy, present, and moving forward—all written with busy dads in mind.

When you sign up, you'll receive three bonus resources:

  • Bottom-Up Habit Design
  • How to Stay Pre-Loaded
  • A Partner's Guide to ADHD

Discussions and events

Talk about what matters—with people who get it.

Our weekly online calls give you the opportunity to contribute and receive wisdom from our community.

Periodic meetups explore the power of health and community.

Our dads are committed to living intentionally and being there for the people in their lives.

We have room for everything but intolerance.

Tuesdays at 3-4pm EST

The first taste 10 are free.

New: we start with a survey.

1-1 Coaching

We do three things to start:

1. Clarify
What's really important to you? Here, we focus on health and relationships.

2. Get a lay of the land
What are the rhythms of your days? What are your strengths and preferences? Where is there room—if any—for change?

3. Find the low-hanging fruit
It's not a question of what is best; it's a question of where you can get immediate traction. Progress builds momentum. So let's start building both.

$120/30 min

Begins with a free 20-minute consult

About Geoff Girvitz

Geoff is a father, the founder of Bang Personal Training, and the host of the Dad Strength Podcast. He has been featured in Vice, GQ, and T-Nation, and has designed exercise programs used by over 10,000 people.

Geoff is certified as a Tiny Habits® Coach takes a strengths-focused approach to health and mindfulness.

Geoff built Dad Strength as a community for purpose-driven dads—like him—who want to be patient, present, and healthy.


Are the calls online or in-person?

We are live online.

When do the group coaching calls take place?

Tuesdays at 3pm EST. Sessions are 60 minutes in length.

Are there rules or guidelines?

We keep it positive and strengths-focused. There is no room for hate or intolerance in these discussions—but there's plenty of room for honesty, kindness, and support.

How much does group coaching cost?
The first 10 are free. If you get enough value from the sessions to keep rolling beyond 10, send you can send some money our way!

I have ADHD Will this group work for me?

Neurally diverse dads—including those with ADHD—have a home here.

Is this therapy?

A: It’s not therapy—but damn if it doesn't feel therapeutic.

How do I get started for free?

A: We've got a survey to get you started. Fill it out here.

Would you benefit from regular conversations about parenting, health, and doing work that matters?

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