It's not about addition. It's about subtraction.
When you are able to eliminate internal friction, it's like closing extra tabs in your mental browser. You feel lighter, more present, and able to effortlessly amplify the best parts of yourself.

Learn the skill of getting unstuck

1-1 Coaching


Dad Strength is about taking better care of yourself—so that you can take care of the people you love.

It's about living with curiosity, and clarity—and doing the work that matters most.

Exercise for focus, mood, and mindfulness

We will always begin by establishing access in the most fundamental systems within your life and work. Your physical health is not only important on its own but is also deeply connected to cognitive performance, self-regulation, and resiliency.

If you already have exercise and mindfulness practices in place, we'll build off of them, if not, that's where we'll begin.

Weekly Coaching
Our weekly 30-minute sessions are designed to help you translate complexity into understandable and immediately actionable ideas. You will learn how to build the meta-skills behind presence and performance.

About you
You want to be a force for positive change in this world. Your brain is busy enough to make deep focus a challenge. So, while new ideas and structures are exciting, you also recognize that being at your best requires clarity and calm.

About me
My name is Geoff Girvitz. I'm the founder of Bang Personal Training, and an expert in human movement and behaviour change. I have worked with professional athletes, media personalities, opera singers, competitive gamers, and just about any other interesting human beings you can think of.

I am deeply involved with the Tiny Habits community, which includes collaborating with the Tiny Habits Research Lab—an extension of Stanford's Behaviour Design Lab—and have been trained by Dr BJ Fogg.

Dad Strength was created out of my own desire to be a better father. Rather than continue to pursue expertise, this work has instead challenged me to become a master generalist. Starting with myself.

I am at my best when I'm cutting through chaos to create systems, models, and techniques for innovation and growth.

"Geoff keeps it real — real world advice for real people, living real messy lives, looking for real results."  

—Dr Krista Scott-Dixon
Director of Curriculum Development:
Precision Nutrition

"Geoff's knowledge and expertise is truly impressive."  

—Dr Steven Rhee
Director of Emergency Medicine:
St Joseph's Hospital (Toronto)