The greatest thing we can give our kids is our attention. To be calm, in-flow, and present with them. Yet we know it's not always easy. We're dealing with stress, time constraints, and a world that often works against what is most important to us.

That's why it's so important to talk it out with other dads who get it.

Every week, we dial in to discuss strategies and frameworks for parenting, focus, and health. We share what's on our minds and support each other where we can.

We understand that we need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of the people in our lives.


"Dad Strength calls have become a ritual that I look forward to every week. I now have a connection with a group of people that I can ask or receive advice from—and share a commonality with. I feel a bit less lost in this sticky terrain of being a dad.

I am exceedingly grateful for this group."

—Jeremy Glenn


“Humans are a social species that gets smart by being around other smart people.”
—Edward Glaeser

These calls are like circling up around a campfire to share wisdom. Except that the campfire is Zoom and men join us from multiple countries.

These calls are focusing and energizing—designed to cut through the small talk and get to the heart of what matters to you.

Each week begins with a prompt and leads to an open conversation about what's on your mind—and how to take meaningful action. Offer support and wisdom when you can. Get support when you need it.

Times: Every Tuesday, from 3-5 PM Eastern.

"This is one of the best things I do for my mental health. My energy, calm, and focus in the days that follow each session are so clear that my wife and I have agreed that my weekly Dad Strength meetings are non-negotiable."

—Mick Higgins

About Geoff Girvitz

Geoff has worked in the areas of health and behaviour change for nearly 20 years. He is a certified Tiny Habits Coach and expert in exercise and behaviour change. Geoff founded Bang Personal Training in 2008, where he and his team take a mindfulness-based approach to strength training.

Geoff has worked with Thrive Global, Precision Nutrition, and Dr. BJ Fogg, along with the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University. He has been featured in in Vice, GQ, and the Globe and Mail. And, of course, he's a dad.

He created Dad Strength with the vision of supporting men in taking care of themselves—so that they can take care of the people in their lives. Change begins on the inside.

Through online calls, in-person meetups, and retreats, he helps dads focus on their values, lean into their strengths, and become more present.

Geoff lives in Toronto with his partner, Stephanie, and their son, who is full of beans.

Would you benefit from regular conversations about parenting, health, and doing work that matters?


Would you benefit from regular conversations about parenting, health, and doing work that matters?