Dad Strength is all about taking care of yourself—so that you can take care of the people you love
Take a systems-based approach to health. Discover how to apply the art and science of behaviour design to your own life. And learn how to get more out of whatever you've already got.

Learn the Physiology of Focus through weekly coaching
Motivation is just one piece of the puzzle. Learn how to build reliable systems for focus, presence, and growth with weekly 30-minute sessions are designed to help you translate complexity into understandable and immediately actionable ideas. You will learn how to build the meta-skills behind presence and performance.

The Dad Strength Podcast—coming Summer 2021!
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About me
My name is Geoff Girvitz. I'm the founder of Bang Personal Training, and an expert in human movement and behaviour design. Since 2005, I have worked with newbies, professional athletes, media personalities, artists, competitive gamers, and just about any other interesting human beings you can think of.

I have been trained by—and continue to collaborate with—Dr BJ Fogg, who runs the Behaviour Design Lab at Stanford University.

Dad Strength was created out of my own desire to be a better father. And to help other dads learn that meaningful change is accessible.

I am at my best when I'm cutting through chaos to create systems, models, and techniques for innovation and growth. And if you want to see positive change within your family—or the world at large—I am here to support you.


"Geoff keeps it real — real world advice for real people, living real messy lives, looking for real results."  

—Dr Krista Scott-Dixon
Director of Curriculum Development:
Precision Nutrition

"Geoff's knowledge and expertise is truly impressive."  

—Dr Steven Rhee
Director of Emergency Medicine:
St Joseph's Hospital (Toronto)