Dad Strength x ADHD

When I speak to dads who have symptoms of ADHD, one major challenge sticks out:

It's not that they're different. It's that they're so damn hard on themselves. History has taught them that they're different. School. Work. Relationships. These experiences helped build identities based on what they didn't do well. That's a lot to carry. Especially since it's so wildly inaccurate. There's a whole other shape to who they are. But it takes work and time to discover it.

There are many gifts that come with ADHD. Your brain may struggle with some (theoretically) simple tasks. But it can also do amazing things that other brains cannot. You may not even realize the full extent of your gifts.

Clarifying those gifts is valuable. But the real magic is in building systems around them. It's not just transformative; it's liberating. You will feel more tuned-in, present, capable, and calm.

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